Arthur Ransome French editions -

a list of changes made by the French translator

some changes were made for only the first book - for example - the French alternatives for Walker, Blackett, Turner, Dixon, Billies & Jackson used in Swallows and Amazons were abandoned for the original names in Swallowdale
John = Jean Susan = Suzanne Titty = Miki/Micky Roger = Roger Nancy = Marion Peggy = Margot
Uncle Jim = Oncle Paul James Turner = Paul Fournaire Roger's Cutty Sark = Le Surcouf
Daddy's ship is not waiting at Malta but at Tunis
Telegram = Préfère les savoir noyés que stupides. Si pas stupides pas noyés.
Holly Howe = L'Epine Vicky = Cricri !!!!!!!! Jacksons = M. et Mme. Boisseau
Queen Elizabeth visiting Greenwich to see the ships depart for the Indies = Queen Isabelle visiting Palos to see Columbus depart.
Dixons = M. et Mme. Maigret The houseboat was like the one they saw at Falmouth = one at Lorient
The Swallows = Marchand family in SA - but Walkers in SD!
The Amazons = Blancard family in SA - but Blacketts in SD Mrs. Blackett = Jeanne
Nancy/Marion's real name is Clémence, but Oncle Paul said that Amazons were without clemency!
The Billies = Vieux Léon & Petit Léon Pub at Bigland = bistro à Courville Mother grew up in Dakar & Maroc
Sammy the policeman = Mathurin Polly the parrot = Jacquot Pike Rock = L'Éperon (breaker)
Neddy Swainson = Jean Casabianca = Le Vieux Marin (The Ancient Mariner)
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