"All Things Ransome"

All Things Ransome started as a restoration of the former Literary Pages from the original Arthur Ransome website. These pages were created by the late Tim Johns starting back in 1997. When the Arthur Ransome Society website was redesigned, there seemed no place for these pages and they were not on the new website. However, Dave Thewlis and Woll Newall had made archive copies, and Dave started discussions with the Arthur Ransome Society and Ransome's Literary Executors regarding the possibility of hosting this material on a separate website and server. Both bodies gave their wholehearted approval to the venture.

The new All Things Ransome site went live with its current web address in March 2008 hosted through the good offices of Dave Thewlis with practical assistance from Woll Newall, and the encouragement of Andrew Goltz. The name was chosen from Ed Kiser's frequent TarBoard postings, because it epitomizes the philosophy and goals of the site. Much to our delight, the late Tim Johns contacted us and expressed his approval of what we were doing. He joined the group and was able to share with us his original plans for the future of Literary Pages. These were remarkably similar to our own ideas for the future of All Things Ransome!
This website is intended as research tool for those interested in discovering more about the works and life of Arthur Ransome, and the sources and influences relevant to his work. In particular, the goal is to provide a permanent home for Ransome-related materials, especially for non-ephemeral works such as the literary pages, essays, articles, and the like. All Things Ransome also provides links to other Arthur Ransome resources available on the world wide web.
All Things Ransome now includes much new material not from the original Literary Pages and it is intended to be a living and growing repository for any material that fits as "All Things Ransome". We are always looking for new contributions of material or articles to develop the site.


Later in 2008, Ian Edmondson-Noble, who had started TarBoard as an Arthur Ransome Discussion Forum in April 1996, announced that he could no longer host TarBoard on the aging server at Lancaster University. Again there were a number of individuals who declared their interest in maintaining a discussion forum that so many people had enjoyed. At Andrew Goltz's instigation, Ian agreed to keep the forum going a while an informal group explored the practicalities of moving TarBoard to another server. Dave Thewlis and Woll Newall as the technical experts solved the details of transferring TarBoard to an alternative server and the logistics of maintaining the aging code that controls TarBoard. Owen Roberts also helped out and Adam Quinan, as self-appointed spokesman, tried to keep people's hopes up that TarBoard would continue. Sure enough in November 2008, TarBoard smoothly transitioned to its new hosts and new web address and continues as one of the best Arthur Ransome discussion forums on the web. Subsequently the site was again moved to the same servers as All Things Ransome to accommodate the traffic.

At this point, the informal group associated with All Things Ransome had already decided to constitute themselves into an organization whose objective would be share the responsibilities for running and maintaining the website. The individuals involved in the 'rescue' of TarBoard also decided that, to ensure that there will be continuity in case anything happens to any of the current principals, some form of organization was needed to consolidate and organize these individual efforts.

As several of the same people had been involved in both ventures, it seemed a no-brainer that we should work together in one organization – an Association to own and manage the resources, provide funding for website hosting, and ensure their preservation beyond any one individual's service.

All Things Ransome - the Association

The management of TarBoard and All Things Ransome was incorporated into "All Things Ransome" – a not for profit association registered under the law of California. The Association owns and is responsible for the hosting and maintenance of the All Things Ransome website and the TarBoard website. The Association is intentionally small, currently comprising six members, of whom four are Directors. (The Charter of the Association provides that all members shall be Directors and eligible to be Officers unless they specifically request not to be Directors.)

Members are thus expected to make a direct contribution in supporting the Association and its goals, by contributing and arranging for new content for the All Things Ransome website, helping to support and maintain TarBoard, encouraging the overall goals of the Association, and ensuring that the Association remains healthy and able to achieve its purposes.

The Association holds one AGM and Directors meeting each year, held by conference call. All members may vote and are invited to attend this call. Membership in the Association is open to individuals who have demonstrated an interest in working with the Association to achieve the goals of the Association (by contributing to the sites or through providing technical expertise); new members must be voted into the Association by a vote of the existing membership.

All Things Ransome and TarBoard - Funding

Prior to 2011, the funding for the Association (hosting for the two websites and domain names) was provided by individual ATR Board members; however in accordance with its purpose to avoid dependence on specific individuals to ensure the maintenance and continuity of the websites, the Association decided to undertake a yearly appeal to the public who use and appreciate All Things Ransome and TarBoard.

Although the formal appeal only happens infrequently, viewers who appreciate and wish to contribute to supporting All Things Ransome are welcome to make a donation at any time; see the links below. (Please be aware that the Association is not incorporated as a non-profit or charity, so donations may not be deducted from your taxes in any jurisdiction.)

Details may be found at All Things Ransome and TarBoard Appeal.

Administrative Information

All Things Ransome is not incorporated and therefore has no Articles of Incorporation. We are registered as an unincorporated nonprofit association in the State of California of the United States of America. Our Charter and Governance document includes our bylaws. Our Annual Meeting of the Board is conducted by Skype conference call.
Officers of the Association
Honorary President: Dave Thewlis
Chairman: Adam Quinan
Vice Chairman: Woll Newall
Secretary: Mike Field
Treasurer: Andrew Goltz

Contacting the Association

We welcome your comments, suggestions, and offers of assistance.

You may contact the Association at any time at contact@allthingsransome.net or by contacting any of the individuals mentioned above.

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