Great Northern? First edition 1947

Jonathan Cape, London - hardback

The original price was nine shillings (modern currency 45 pence).

Dedicated to "Myles North, who, knowing a good deal of what happened, asked me to write the full story". North first corresponded with Ransome on the subject of fishing flies, but followed by sending AR the skeleton of the plot of Great Northern? He provided AR with a great deal of ornithological detail.

An extraordinary mistake occurs in the illustration "Dick goes off to the lochs". An Amazon pirate sits on the Picthouse - but it should be Dorothea! The Amazons were not even there! Ransome did not redraw the illustration but cut out the offending square and pasted in the new Dorothea! Even in new editions the wrong version still appears on the front wrapper top left.

Copies of this edition with wrapper are quite common and sell for reasonable prices.

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