1998 Lewis Expedition: Dun Carloway

Dun Carloway (Dùn Chárlabhaigh) is an IronAge broch, on the West coast of Lewis, thought to have been built around2000 years ago.

Brochs are generally of circular construction with verythick walls, that enclose stairs, floors and even rooms. Dun Carloway isabout 13m across and the walls that remain standing are about 6m high.

Brochs were built mainly on the Western side of 'Scotland'- there are at least 7 on Lewis.

The newly built visitors' centre

Viewfrom the path to the broch. Legend has it that, in the 16th century, oneDonald Cam MacAulay climbed up the outside of the wall and threw down burningheather into the broch, to smoke out the Morrisons of Ness, who were shelteringinside after being caught cattle raiding.


The interior 'corridors'

Panoramic view of the broch

To interactively view the panorama you may need to download a QuickTimeVR plug-infor your web browser.

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