1998 Lewis Expedition: The Black House

The black house is a traditional style ofarchitecture in Lewis.

The Black House at Arnol was lived in by acrofting family up till the 1960s, and is typical of many houses beforethe 1950s.

The illustration of the Gaels' houses in GreatNorthern? are based on the black house.

Exterior ofthe Arnol Black House, showing the characteristic roof shape, and thickwalls.


The open family hearth,with smoke leaving the house through a roof hole.

One of the beds. My camera was a bit 'steamed up' at this point!

The captives escape... The only window!

Photo of King George the V and Queen Alexandra

Above the door one of the rafters is an oar!

On the way to the Black House at Arnol we passed this whale-bone arch

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