1998 AGM: Bone Caves


A recent archaelogical 'find', they are kidney-shaped mounds of split stones,that are often found near small streams. Their use is not known, althoughthere a few theories.


Walking up the valleyto the bone caves.

This spring appeared from the foot of a steep slope.



Mossy stones

Valleyof the caves




As the Red Herringsascended deer were warily grazing on the opposite of the valley.



Below us oldsheilings could be seen - temporary houses used during the summer monthswhen cattle were moved up to hill pastures.




Thelast stragglers nearing the bones caves.


Cave dwellers.


Looking outfrom the cave entrance




Insidethe cave, waiting to descend into the inner cave.

Inthe inner cave, filled up to the roof by deposits from glaciers in the lastice age.



Cavecliffs, showing entrances to lower caves which are believed to connect tothose at the top.



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