All Things Ransome and TarBoard Appeal

All Things Ransome is not only the name of a website, it is the Association which operates the infrastructure for both the All Things Ransome website and TarBoard. You may read more about the background and history of the Association and the websites at this link.

Originally, All Things Ransome was funded solely by some of the individual Board members. While this was not a very great burden, it continued a dependency upon specific individuals, one of the things that the Association was formed to avoid. Therefore, we decided to appeal to those who use All Things Ransome and TarBoard for financial assistance to pay for the web hosting and other immediate costs to support the two websites, currently estimated at approximately $250 (US) per year.

Contributions to the Association in furtherance of its goals are welcome; please note however that the Association is not tax-exempt or a charitable organization in any jurisdiction.

To donate to keep All Things Ransome and TarBoard "on the air" please go to Donate.

The Association thanks you for your support.

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